Exploiting Life

I pulled her eyelid up, revealing an eyeball that had rolled to the back of her head. She was so vulnerable, so defenceless, so generous. Her beckoning arms were spread out on either side, inviting me to loot and plunder. ‘Take whatever you want, take it all,’ her slightly parted mouth seemed to be saying and I was suddenly hungry. Ravenous, even. My stomach grumbled, as if apprising my brain to only be courteous and take what was being offered. No, it wasn’t just the polite thing to do- it was my right.

So much to give, so much to take, I drew out of her like a leech. Exploring, dabbling, lingering. Each action fed me, enriched me, but my hunger remained unappeased; the greedy thing wanted more with every bite. She was smiling now, and her eyelids would sporadically flutter. Soon, I grew tired and full. My appetite that had seemed insatiable vanished as hastily as it appeared. Had it been quenched or was I just indolent?

I unsuccessfully stifled a yawn and my eyes grew heavy. The pace of my breaths slowed and evened out. My heart was replete, there was no urgent matter to attend to. I stretched my arms out and surrendered myself wholly. I had everything to give, but nothing to lose.



(Disclaimer: after proof-reading this I realised it sounded a lot like rape. Not intended. Lol. Almost decided not to post it.

Incase you missed it, ‘she’ is a metaphor for life. I want to plunder life, explore everything it has to offer, and when I’m done, let someone else leach off what I’ve learned.)