‘Musica Universalis’ is an ancient philosophical concept that suggests that the balance and harmony of the universe creates a form of music, not necessarily audible. Something about the certainty of the sun rising from the East and silently setting in the West every single day produces a kind of symphony. The planets circling the sun, each in it’s own orbit, coordinated in perfect unison. The alternating of seasons, how each develops into the next. Everything seems to be in equilibrium, with not one element disturbing another.

Complimenting this perfect balance are the audible sounds of nature. The whistling breeze dancing through the leaves on a summer’s day, shaking the trees like rattles. The birds chirp louder in excitement, and the woodpecker knocks on the tree trunk faster. The flies buzz noisily around the flowers and a stream trickles nearby.

Somewhere else, a volcano erupts with a tremendous roar, as it spews out scorching lava that burns everything in it’s way. The ground trembles violently and things catch fire, then explode with loud booms. Its deafening, and one can feel the impact of the sound waves miles away. The trees ignite and burn with a savage crackle as the fire eats through them.

Rain falls and puts out the fire with a vehement sizzle. It gets heavier and heavier until it reaches an ear splitting crescendo- like the sound of a hundred chain-saws buzzing. Thunder rumbles, like they’re shifting furniture upstairs, and a flash of lightning illuminates the sky for a moment. It is the racket of nature.

Later, it is silent. The full moon makes sure of that. There is no sound at all. Everything is asleep. But then the chirping starts. The chorus of the crickets. Their song. It’s about the moon. The moon helps them find their way home.

At the rim of a continent, the waves gently lap against the shore. They swish and sigh and then burst when they collide with the rocks. The seagulls overhead squawk and complain while the fish underwater silently gulp water. The wind is loud and it roars angrily. A mile away, a rocket soars high into the sky and explodes into glitter with a bang. The people on the ground ‘ooh’ and ‘aahh’ and say ‘wow, wow, wow’. They sound like the sheep in the countryside and the dog that rounds them up. The fireworks crackle like the orange autumn leaves under a child’s foot.

A beetle scurries across the wooden floor, it’s gentle staccato sounding like the light patter of morning dew on the tin roof. A soul murmurs secrets and a brain throbs with a thousand voices that just can’t sing. A heart beats with a lub and dub, sending the rhythm in pulses across the universe, harmonizing with sounds to compose the symphony for Nature’s Music.